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Understandable: Pep Guardiola Was Happy Man City Tied Brighton Yesterday Because '40 Hours Ago We Drank All The Alcohol In Manchester'

For sure one of the weirdest (lack of better word here) parts of the Premier League is the no playoffs, so a season can be over with games to go. That's what we have here with Man City already winning Premier League and still having a couple games to play. Naturally after they won, they partied. They didn't just party, they drank all the alcohol in Manchester according to Pep.

Good. That's what teams should do when they win a league. I don't care if it's unfair that Man City gets KDB and Haaland, I'll argue that to my death. They won the games. That's all that matters. But Pep talking about the celebrations is fucking hilarious: 

Sauna day huh? That's a unique way to just say they had to get the hangover over with and this was the best option for them. Hell even most of the players played yesterday against Brighton. Grealish and some others didn't play because they 'weren't fit' (see, hangover). But going out to party like that and having to turn around a play a road match is brutal. I don't care if you're pros or not, you're still dealing with a hangover and travel. 

PS: Brighton qualifying for European competition for the first time in their history after this tie is some sort of good luck. They had a ridiculously good season, but qualifying after the hangover is the right draw.