The Perfect Coach: Brian Daboll Is Blasting Taylor Swift During The Giants Practice So He Can Prepare For Her Shows This Weekend

We've come such a long way from Pat fucking Shurmur, Joe Judge and Ben McAdoo's shitty haircut. We have ourselves a man with a perfectly shaved head. A man who understands winning football. A man who isn't afraid to admit he's a Taylor Swift fan. A man who will blast Taylor Swift at practice because he knows failure to prepare is preparing to fail. He's going to Taylor Swift this weekend, so he needs to be ready for any song, any swerve she might throw at the fans. In fact I need him to release his top songs like Dave did: 

No doubt in my mind Daboll loves 22 because he starts thinking of running backs and cornerbacks. Probably designs some play based off of it if I had to guess. That's just Daboll being a football guy though. 

This is what I want my coach to be like though. He's made one mistake so far and that was going for the tie against Washington. I won't hold that against him too much considering he, you know, led the Giants to the playoffs. He made us not a laughingstock in year 1. It was a low bar, but he jumped over it. 

I wouldn't be surprised if Daboll skips a box for the show too. He seems like the type of guy who wants to be close to the stage. He's made to be in New York. He gets the media. He says the right things. He's a Taylor Swift fan. That's some good juju right there. Also 100% chance Daniel Jones is the most excited about 22 blasting at practice. You know that man is a Swiftie through and through. 

Live look at Daboll this weekend: