The Carolina Hurricanes Definitely Got Swept Out Of The Playoffs, But According To Head Coach Rod Brind'Amour, They Did Not

The late great philosopher George Costanza once said, "it's not a lie if you believe it". 

I mean could you make the argument that the Hurricanes got swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals by Florida? I guess. If you're basing your argument off of facts and reality, then I suppose losing 4 straight games in a playoff series could technically be considered a sweep. 

But have you ever thought about the fact that maybe no it doesn't? Because that's what Rod The Bod is putting down and, quite frankly, I'm picking it up. He who controls the narrative controls the people. Was it a sweep? Maybe on paper. But Rod The Bod was there, and he said it wasn't no stinkin' sweep. That's not what happened. They didn't lose 4 games. I mean they did, but also they didn't. 

And here's the thing--I get what Brind'Amour is saying here. They lost games 1 and 2 in overtime. They were just a single shot away from winning both of those games. They lost game 3 by a score of 1-0. They lost game 4 last night 4-3 after the Rat King scored with just over 4 seconds to go in regulation. This team lost 4 straight games but they lost by a combined 4 goals, and there was only a combined 4 seconds of hockey played after 3 of those losses. Those 3 losses all came on the last shot of the game. They lost 4 straight games but had they killed off 4 more seconds of regulation in game 4 and scored 5 more goals throughout the series, they could have been the ones sweeping the Panthers. 

The only thing is that whole "could have" part. If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle, and if the Hurricanes scored 5 more goals this series they wouldn't have gotten swept. Still appreciate the spin zone from Brind'Amour, though. 

P.S. -- I desperately need the Hurricanes to not be able to get over the hump for a couple more seasons, Carolina decides they need a new voice in the locker room, and then the Flyers can finally hire Brind'Amour. That's the only hope for this organization.