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The Dumbest Times: George Washington University Was Forced To 'Retire' The Nickname Colonials, Picks The Lamest Possible Option

Phew, I gotta admit I feel better now that George Washington dropped the name 'Colonials.' Apparently it wasn't inclusive enough or something? 


Now I don't care about name changes 99.9% of the time, because they have no impact on me. Shit, I'd take Kentucky changing the name Wildcats just so I don't have to hear the very unoriginal 'C-A-T-S' chant. For sure people in Kentucky that can't spell Cats. But GWU dropping the name Colonials? Whatever. No impact on my life. 

But here's my problem. The correct name was sitting right fucking here! 

If you're going to change your name make it a mockery. There ain't no other Hippos in sports. How do you not go with that? How do you not go with Blue Fog? Revolutionaries? That's far too long of a word. The only way this works is if Seth Rollins is involved. The true revolutionary has one of the coolest songs/moments in wrestling: 

At what point do people hate the name Revolutionaries because it was a war? Plus we're talking about George Washington University here. No one gives a shit about their name team. The only reason people are talking about them is because they changed the name and passed on Hippos. The only reason people are talking about this is because no one knows why Colonials pissed people off. I'm lost on that one. I truly am. Maybe the Commanders were onto something with Washington Football Team. No one can get mad at that. 

The Hippos were right there idiots.