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Olivia Culpo Saying She Was 'Annoyed' With Christian McCaffrey Is Exactly Why Society Needs To Change The Engagement Ring Process

Alright, we need to have a solid talk again about the whole engagement and ring shopping process. Olivia Culpo talking about how annoyed she was with Christian McCaffrey about the engagement ring. Well, no shit, they are an entire scam. Maybe scam is the wrong word. But they an incredibly stupid tradition. 

It's not even the actual ring. It's the process. You (by you I mean us guys) have to 'sneak around' to figure out all the details. You gotta reach out to a friend or a sister or a mom or something and figure out what they exactly like. Little hint: we ain't gonna remember if you drop hints yourself. Ring size, what color gold, then the whole diamond situation. You can't just go buy any ho-hum ring or you better be ready for your soon-to-be fiancee pissed that her ring kind of sucks. 

The engagement ring is basically every free agent signing the Knicks had before Leon Rose came in. You end up getting a wedding band to make the ring even bigger. You go through the courting process and figure out all that shit. That's before you get to the proposal! You gotta pick the right spot. Do you do a dinner or drinks party afterward? Do you invite friends and family? Do you just go you two only? You gotta find a way to hide that fucking ring. They gotta act surprised even though it feels like everyone knows a proposal is coming. 

Olivia Culpo is a Miss USA winner. She's as famous as famous gets. So is Christian McCaffrey (well not a Miss USA winner, but you know what I mean). The fact that they have to deal with the same bullshit us regular people do, just shows how we need to switch up the engagement process. I'm not saying you have to be super casual about it in terms of just sitting on the couch like 'hey want to get married? Cool, we'll go to the store tomorrow.' There's just gotta be a solution!