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The Orioles Social Media Team Was Out For Blood After Their Insane Comeback Win Over The Yankees

Good god. Talk about a game and the best thing of the night was the Orioles social media team dunking all over the Yankees. Blew a lead in a game they were cruising and got smoked on social. Wow, just wow. You truly hate to see it. Yankees were up 5-1 and Nestor Cortes Jr. looked like he was on his way to another great outing against the Orioles. Then Adam Frazier and the 7th inning happened. 8 runs put up by the Orioles to take a 9-5 lead who would eventually go on to win it 9-6. 

W of the year for the 32 win Birds and a hell of a comeback vs someone who has owned them for years. Maybe the most fun game of the year all things considered, even though I could say that about the last 3 wins for the Orioles. But the bad news for the Yankees didn't stop there on the field.

The Yankees thought it would be cute and topical to tweet a lyric from popular artist and big time stoolie, Taylor Swift. "'Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play." They thought they had the game in hand and it's honestly adorable they did that. Because once the Orioles topped off their amazing comeback they hit right back by making Jeff D. Lowe very happy and finishing the lyric like it was The Dozen Tournament. "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate." IN THE FACEEEEEEEEEE. My girl running the social account saw blood in the water and went nuts, must feel very good to dunk all over an opponent after a win like that. Winning on the field and off, this team is different. Pray for the Yankees, nothing really happened they just got a facial on social media.