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Norway Is Telling People To Stay Away From A Russian Spy Whale, Which Leads Me To Believe They May Be Radicalizing Orca Terrorists

CNN — People should “avoid contact” with a famous beluga whale to avoid accidentally injuring or killing it, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has said. The whale, nicknamed Hvaldimir, shot to international fame in 2019 after it was spotted wearing a specially made harness with mounts for a camera, leading experts to believe the whale may have been trained by the Russian military.

Since 2019, it has “been traveling along the Norwegian coast” with a few stops along the way, according to the directorate, which added that Hvaldimir “tends to stay at farms where it has been able to catch fish, grazing on surplus feed.” Hvaldimir is known to follow boats and play with those on board.

Look I am just saying, we saw a Beluga whale that may have been trained by Russians to spy in NATO waters. How do we know they aren't training Orcas to attack those ships like the video I blogged last week?

There were several reports of Orca attacks on ships in NATO waters:

Orcas aren't supposed to attack humans. Now all of a sudden they are attacking people. 

Orca whales are not generally considered dangerous to humans. These intelligent, social creatures are generally not aggressive towards humans and have a diverse diet that does not include human prey. While there have been a few instances of orca whales attacking humans in the wild, these attacks are rare and have generally been attributed to other factors, such as the presence of humans in their territory or the presence of prey that the orca whales were trying to defend. Orca whales are also protected by a number of laws and regulations that aim to ensure their survival and conservation.

Look, it would be nuts to cut to the conclusion that Vladamir Putin, the biggest evil villain on the planet right now, would not radicalize Orca whales to attack people. Russia has actively made humans terrorists and spies, we now have proof that they could be making whales spies. 

So the next rational conclusion is that these "Random acts of whale terror" must be Russian trained radicalized whale terrorists. There is absolutely no other rational explanation for why these Orcas are attacking. In true American fashion we must start arming different pods of Orca whales. Now something you don’t know about Orcas is that amongst themselves they are super racist.

Among sperm and killer whales, Dr. Whitehead said, “there’s a feeling of what one might call ethnicity or cultural identity, of saying, ‘This is my clan, and it’s different from the others.’ ”

One way whales express their ethnicity is through dialect. Every clan has its signature call, and in regions of the ocean where two clans overlap, the differences between calls become exaggerated.

“It’s like if you’re Irish and you run across someone who is Scottish or Welsh,” said Dr. Whitehead. “You’ll speak with an even stronger Irish accent to make it really clear whose group you belong to.”

These radicalized killer whales definitely have beef with some other pod of whales. Which is why we need to find that pod to exploit that beef as the world's police and cause a civil war of sorts to combat the acts of whale terror occurring in NATO waters. 

I know there have been no recorded whale terror attacks in Russian or Chinese waters. It just isn't there. However the Alaskan video I showed you earlier wasn't that far from Russia. These whales must know when they are attacking American or NATO Vessels. Now we don't want the Russians to directly know we are sending American Orcas so the better move may be to find whoever hates these Russian backed Orcas more. Unfortunately there are no Whales in the Sea of Azov. But something needs to be done to counterstrike these oceanic offensives.