Jamie Benn Just Gave An INCREDIBLE Spin Zone To The Media About His Cross Check To Mark Stone's Face

In case you missed it, here was the play where Benn "accidentally fell and used it stick as a landing point"


Is falling a crime? Is bracing yourself for impact a crime? Just a casual accidental hockey and it's unfortunate that Mark Stone's face just happened to be there. Maybe Stone shouldn't have had his face where Jamie Benn was bracing himself for a fall. Maybe Stone should get suspended for causing Benn to be off balance. It's not like Benn has a little history of being a fuck

Benn is lucky Stone didn't get seriously injured. Easily could've been a broken jaw and if it was you know the league would come down even harder. As it stands I bet Benn ends up with a one-game suspension because the Stars are getting dusted right out of the conference final. 

Benn doing this in such a HUGE spot is inexcusable. Not for the league, but for the Stars franchise. Totally stupid and selfish. I don't think anyone would bat an eye if the Stars stripped him of the C next year and gave it to Pav who is objectively a better and more important player for the Stars at this point.