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Fuck It, Let's Change The Name Again!



This story has been on my timeline all day today. The Commanders trademark, even though they played as the Commanders last season, was denied on May 18th because it was already trademarked? By whomst, you ask? Two different guys:



I don't know how anyone would confuse a college football game and an NFL franchise, but I guess the trademark folk see how many people watch Young Sheldon and have to look out for everyone without a brain. 

And then guy number 2:



Freakin Martin McCaulay! Guy trademarked the Space Commanders and Wolf Commanders trying to guess the new team name! Which is annoying for one reason and one reason only- both of those names are way more bad ass than simply "Commanders"!! Why aren't we the Wolf Commanders???!!! That's super frustrating. Someone give Martin McCaulay a job naming franchises ASAP!

I only went to 3 years of law school and graduated at the top of my class so what do I know, but this does not mean the name has to be changed. However, am I opposed? Hell no. I went from Redskins to Washington Football Team to Commanders and I'm ready for the 4th name. Let's change the name every 3 years. Rebrand its little dick off. Have Ron Rivera do his cliche coach-speak, selling a bill of goods to the fans til the cows come home. Is there a rule against changing the name as much as you want? Let's get nuts!

No but honestly, I don't care too much about the name. I do think it's hilarious we had Washington Football Team as this in-between place-holder and it ended up being much more beloved and well-received than Commanders, but that's fine. The fan base will rally around Commanders once they get the branding right, which usually is organic, and once there is a god damn winning team on the field. It's so much easier to bitch about things like the team name when there's not a winning team to be happy about. Once Sam Howell leads up to the promised land, DC will be singing Hail to the Commanders as loud as possible.