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An Unreal Video Of Baby Orcas Signaling To Humans To Come Rescue Their Mother Who Was Trapped In A Commercial Fishing Line

I titled this blog "Unreal..." because in this day and age of the internet it's impossible to know what is real and what is fake. Its almost too incredible to believe that baby orcas are capable of this level of problem solving in order to free their mother, but who the fuck knows. Also seems impossible to fake a video like this when the mother was trapped in the fishing line. 

Orcas definitely have the ability to communicate and speak their own unique languages. They pass down culture. Which is why Billy's blog from a few weeks ago makes sense. 

All it takes is one matriarch to have a bad experience with a boat in order to get the entire pod to fucking hate boats forever as they learn how to chase and destroy their ass. Boats come in range of this pod and it's fade on sight. If the same boat meets a different pod in a different area well...they might just be given a hero's welcome. Orcas are the only animal besides humans that pass down knowledge through a unique language and culture. 

They really are the most amazing animal in the world. I binged "Chimp Empire" on netflix two weeks ago. I need a similar documentary about Orcas because their entire societal set up and brain function is fascinating. We covered as much as we could from the dog walk studio yesterday. Full ep below