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Tennessee QB Joe Milton Came Into The Office And Nearly Killed Spider With A Throw

We had my close personal friend and future Heisman Trophy winner Joe Milton in the office today thanks to the great people at The Volunteer Club — the premier NIL organization in the country. We had a great time showing him around and everything, but Joe decided to play catch with Spider and we nearly had an serious incident.

Spider kept asking for Joe to throw a pass as hard as he could, which resulted in the video you see above that thankfully missed Spider's head by a few inches. Been there before in this office, pal.

Obviously I'm glad Spider was able to miss the football coming out of the cannon that is Joe's right arm, but seeing that in person got me fired up to watch Tennessee football this season. That's the guy you want slinging the rock around.

Very thankful Spider did not receive the business end of a Bazooka Joe fastball this afternoon, though.