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Kyrie Irving Is Back, This Time To Call Out Brian Windhorst For Allegedly Making Stuff Up About His Future

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

In Game 4, Kyrie Irving decided to spend his night attending the Lakers game. On the surface, that shouldn't be a big deal. An NBA player going to watch an NBA game in his offseason is pretty normal. Just last night we saw Anthony Edwards in MIA for Game 4

and I would say that for maybe any other player in the NBA, this is a nonstory.

But with Kyrie, he's not just any other player. As a result of that decision, I think we all knew what was coming next

We heard it all over the last two days. This was Kyrie showing he wants to be a Laker. This was Kyrie holding the Mavs to the fire to ensure they give him a max offer this summer. LeBron talking about retirement wasn't really about retirement, it was him telling the Lakers you either bring him Kyrie or he's out. Really, who the hell knows? It's all speculation at this point, and it would certainly not be the first time a network like ESPN came up with some weird theories that end up helping the Lakers. That happens every single day that ends in Y.

As you can expect, Kyrie decided to weigh in 

Here's the thing with this. For the most part, these types of NBA rumors are almost always bullshit. When it comes to Kyrie though, there's precedent with this stuff. This sounds eerily similar to how he was talking when all that shit went down with him and KD while Kyrie was still playing for the Celtics. Remember this?


When he was called out on this, he deflected. He said it was the media just making shit up per usual. Hm, doesn't that sound a little familiar to everyone?

He's basically calling out Windy for making everything up. In previous years, I could maybe understand that. But recently? This guy?


He's kind of been on a heater lately. While he can still be a little outrageous at times, like how he talked about the Lakers sweep

when it comes to these types of player movement takes, he's been hitting a lot more than he's been missing. 

History tells us that Kyrie has this type of response when there's a decent amount of truth to the rumor. Now how he gets to the Lakers is a different discussion. If he wants his money, you're looking at a sign & trade, and what incentive do the Mavs have to oblige with that? The alternative is what, losing Kyrie for nothing? Is that worse than having to bring in players who most likely won't make a difference for you? Save the money and cap flexibility and figure something else out. To make the money work, what good do players like Malik Beasley, Mo Bamba etc have?

Someone like DLo is a free agent, but why would the Mavs want to entertain the idea of getting into the DLo business? How does that keep Luka happy?

In terms of free agent dollars, the Lakers still need to find a way to keep Austin Reaves. I imagine they want to also keep Rui Hachimura, so it's not like they are going to have big money to fork over to Kyrie in free agency. To be honest, looking at the free agent landscape, how many of these teams are even in the Kyrie market who also don't have their own guys to bring back outside of the Mavs?

Maybe Kyrie knows that and that's why he's saying all these rumors are bullshit.

Or, he's doing what he so often does and is deflecting and putting everything on the media.

The good news is were about a month away from knowing the truth.