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Tom Cruise’s Alleged "Dream Woman" Shakira Is Now Reportedly Begging Him To Stop Flirting With Her



Heat magazine alleges that she has been 'begging him to stop flirting with her,' citing a source, who made further comments about the pair's interaction this month. It's been reported that the two celebrities have known each other "loosely" for years but hadn't spent time together in a "relaxed setting" until the Grand Prix this month.

The source suggested Tom was "giddy" when he met Shakira there, with them adding that it was similar to "how he acted" when he first got together with his now ex-wife Katie Holmes.

The source said that for Shakira, she was simply being "friendly" and posing for photos with Tom one minute, then the next he was seemingly describing her as his "dream woman".

According to the source, the situation is said to have been "too much" for Shakira, who has reportedly since had to deal with questions over whether she was dating Tom. The source added: "She doesn't want to embarrass or upset him, but there's no attraction or romance on her part - she was just being friendly. She's flattered but not interested".

This image I have in my head of Tom Cruise on a hellbent mission to woo over Shakira is something I can't shake. Dude met her at the F1 event and since hasn't been able to get her off his mind. Even after she politely declined his advances he took that as nothing but a mere speed bump in their road to love. He must have her. It's his real life Mission Impossible. 

Well now we have Shakira reportedly BEGGING Tom to stop flirting with her. He went as far to call her his "DREAM WOMAN" and sent her flowers apparently. Too much too fast Tom! The woman is fresh off a 10 year relationship! The LAST thing she wants is to immediately get involved with a guy who met her for a minute, dubbed her his "dream woman" and also believes Lord Xenu is his savior. 

And don't get me wrong I love me some Tom Cruise. The Mission Impossible movie series is all-time in my book. I'll be there in the Summer on opening night of Dead Reckoning Part One. That being said, Jimmy Butler is hotter in the streets right now. Sometimes you just gotta take your Ls and admit defeat. Call off the dogs Tom!


In the words of Kevin Harlan….Jimmy Freaking Butler! RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES

Can Shakira will the Heat to one more victory over Boston? Is she the reason for their slip up last night? Will Tom Cruise step in and thwart Jimmy's plans? Only time will tell.