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Police Did A Welfare Check On Ja Morant After His Cryptic IG Stories And It Turns Out He Is Just Taking A Break From Social Media

Ja Morant posted some stuff concerning stuff on Instagram earlier today saying he loves his Mom, his Dad and his daughter. 

I am glad that someone checked in on him because clearly he needs some help. You go posting that kinda stuff on social media and people are going to naturally jump to conclusions. Need to make sure he's okay and not going to do anything stupid despite everything going on in is life. 

I feel bad for Ja because social media is so brutal. He is no doubt an idiot for what he did, but it probably feels like the whole world is against him because of Twitter and IG. 

I'm glad he's okay, but it's a little funny that in his mind he was doing that to say he's taking a social media break and then the police show up. He's just like don't worry fellas I'm just logging out of Instagram so I don't have JaMoranthater8765 tell me how I'm a piece of shit every two seconds. If it was just to get off social media you don't need to say goodbye, just log out because you just created more of a stir when you need to work on yourself.  Guy is just on one of those rolls where nothing he does is the right move.