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Jimmy Butler Ain't Worried About Blowing A 3-0 Lead When He's Got Beer To Drink, Music To Listen To And Shakira Following Him

Incredible quote here by Jimmy Butler, which isn't shocking. Listen, if it wasn't the Celtics and Boston we wouldn't be talking about how they can force a game 7 - when there's still a game 5 and 6 to be played. Shit, it even broke out an argument today: 

But you see, the real breaking news is this: 

You wanna make a man unstoppable in the playoffs give him some beer, motivation and a little bit of an ego boost with Shakira following him. She might be bad luck, she was at the game they lost, but it's still Shakira: 

Not that Jimmy Butler needs a ton of motivation, he's built on it. Didn't go high in the draft, bumped around a couple teams and thrives on being overlooked. Well hard to get overlooked when you've been the 2nd best player in the playoffs and have Shakira following you. Do you know how pointless that news is yet racks up thousands of likes? That's the Jimmy Butler and Shakira effect. 

Jimmy is right though. It's still 3-1. You can't get too low because you didn't sweep. Sit back and enjoy the off day. Get a couple beers, some wine and smile. You know Jimmy knows how to kick back too. Let him play some Hootie and the Blowfish while he's at it. He ain't worried.