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Oh, Good - The USMNT Apparently Has No Real Plan For The Future While Having The Most Talented Roster We've Ever Had

What the hell is going on? I said it when the rumor was the deal was close with Jesse Marsch, fine. If that's the hire, get him in as soon as possible. Why are we keeping Anthony Hudson until August 1 and have him coach the Nations League and Gold Cup? The goal is to do something at the 2026 World Cup. Yeah, winning these things is nice because it means we beat Mexico and that's always awesome. But we've done that before. We've done that a decent amount before. 

I know you want to see other guys and build out your roster, but we're talking about the USA finally having talent for the first time since 2002. That was the best roster we had until now. Let's get these guys as much run together as possible. It's not the easiest thing to do, but something that needs to be done. Start figuring out how Flo works with the roster and get him used to playing with everyone. Figure out what you're doing with Reyna and if he starts/comes off the bench before you're at the World Cup. Figure out the center backs. 

And more importantly, figure out who the fuck is going to manage these guys. Again, if it's Marsch, get him in there. I said it before and while there are concerns he's still fine. I'll say it again: I think Marsch makes sense from a US standpoint, experience with the USMNT and all that. But he's gotta be flexible with his tactics. He can't run that pressing style that failed at Leeds. He's gotta look at what the US has and be able to adjust. That's my biggest fear with him. I think he's fine and it's a big plus he's not Gregg. I consider that a win. I didn't want Gregg back for a 2nd run at all. 

Please make a decision soon so I can trick my brain into drawing up a semifinal run in 2026.