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"If I Was Making A List Of Top 5 Conspiracy Theorist Around The NFL, You Would Definitely Be Top 5" -- Howie Roseman Has No Time For Mike Florio's Nonsense

Mike Florio has a job to do. Not to go all "the media is the only reason why athletes make millions of dollars" or anything, but the NFL is as much of an entertainment product as it is a sports league. Probably more so on the side of entertainment. So I get Mike Florio pressing Howie Roseman on that slimy rat bastard Jonathan Gannon pretty much taking the Cardinals head coaching job before the Super Bowl. It's drama, it's entertainment, it's what gets millions of people invested in the NFL every Sunday and Monday and Thursday and sometimes Friday and Saturday.

But Howie Roseman has a job to do, as well. And that job is to shove nerds like Mike Florio in a locker. You want to get answers out of Howie? You better be willing to commit some war crimes and torture those answers out of him. Anything less than that, and Howie is an impenetrable fortress. 

Listen, is Jonathan Gannon a jackass? Absolutely. Dude was clearly as checked out as humanly possible during the Super Bowl. H knew he wasn't even getting on the plane back home to Philly, so he didn't even bother to make any adjustments at halftime when the Eagles clearly weren't able to get an ounce of pressure on Mahomes. But these things all have a way of just working themselves out naturally. Jonathan Gannon will spend the rest of his career getting torched by the Eagles, and the Sports Gods will make sure of it. 

So if Howie Roseman is back to calling him "JG" and focusing on the future, then that's the move for everyone. Let the rest take care of itself, and Florio can kick rocks. 

Go Birds.