I'm Convinced The Easiest Way To Get Into The Guinness Book Of World Records Is To Act Like A Child

UPI -- An Idaho duo unofficially broke their own Guinness World Record when they took turns tooting party blowers for a total of 93 toots in one minute.

David Rush, who has broken more than 250 Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, originally teamed with neighbor Eirinn Hannon in 2022 to set the record for most toots of a party blower in one minute (team of 2), achieving 86.

I watched this 6-7 times and I know that is 6-7 too many, but I am astonished with how many world records there are, and how many people decide to break the dumbest ones possible. It amazes me that people learn about these things, or how they learn about them for that matter. Very weird to just happen to know that the record for blowing a party blower is 86. People can make fun of me for knowing weird sports stats, but party blower numbers are far more obscure and weird to know. Completely bizarre. 

The main thing that jumps out to me about these world records is the fastest way into the book seems to be acting like a child. Just look at these two. This is the stuff you do at 3 am at a sleepover when your 12. Having the dumbest possible contests of who can hold their breath the longest, or who can do this stupid activity and let's make a contest out of it etc. Kids are stupid. ow do I know this? Because I was a stupid kid. I was screwing around with a friend in my attic at like 12 years old where one of us sat on a chair and flicked 30 paper footballs into a coffee can while the other guy sat over the can and tried to catch the paper footballs with a pair of scissors. Long story short my friend let the scissors slip and I had a gash on my head. All because we were having the dumbest contest possible. Yet here are adults acting like children trying to break the dumbest world records possible. 

I hate watch these videos, yet I giggle that these people are doing the dumbest things possible to have their name in a book or a website.