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Jimmy Butler Started Listening To Country Music To Piss Off His Teammates And Accidentally Discovered How Great It Is

Jimmy Butler needs to thank his teammates for playing their music so loudly, because it allowed him to discover the best genre of music that exists.

I am certain that if everyone who claims to hate country music would actually listen to it for a while, a good percentage — if not a majority — would actually love it. It's the best genre of music for actually telling stories. I thought I didn't like country music until I started listening to it more and more through high school and college and now it's all I listen to.

I also think it takes a certain amount of life experience to appreciate country music.

I'm not sure that "Don't Take The Girl" is the first song I'd tell someone to listen to, but it is definitely a banger. It's pretty sad, but it tells a great story if you have Jimmy's ability to handle an emotional song on the first turn through.


Shoutout to Jimmy Butler and Tim McGraw.