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It's Taken One Deshaun Watson To Elijah Moore Video To Surface From OTAs For Me To Declare The Browns BACK

Perfect throw. Immaculate reception. World-class level burst upfield. That seriously looks like the equivalent of a layup. Too easy. And I know yesterday was the first day of OTAs, and I know I've been wrong 3 years in a row, but folks...... 

Okay, okay. Nevermind. I won't declare us champions before the season starts for the 3rd year in a row. One video coming out of OTAs without any defense, no matter how impressive it looks, will get me to put the cart ahead of the horse this year.

But two videos.....?

Oh no, I think I'm going to burst...


Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

To quote the the 2nd best QB in the Browns week 18 matchup with the Jets, R-E-L-A-X. That's not me declaring us Super Bowl champions (yet), but for the 3rd straight year I'm declaring us Off-Season Champions. Used a 1st round pick on Deshaun Watson. Picked up Elijah Moore for pennies on the dollar (after literally stealing Amari Cooper last year). Traded for 3x Pro-Bowl pass rusher Za'Darius Smith. Signed Marquise Goodwin. And we still have Nick Chubb, Myles Garrett, Njoku, and a great line. I know I'm a broken record here but my god, seriously, how many teams have more talented rosters than the 2023 Cleveland Browns? Andrew Berry needs to be inducted into the Browns ring of honor. Now can the team and coach finally just not piss down their legs?

**No "Deshaun looks good in an all orange jumpsuit" jokes please. Browns should probably avoid the orange color rush uniforms for at least the next 4 years (and $200 million fully guaranteed).