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Shocking: Dwight Howard's Videos Recruiting NBA Guys To Play With Him In Taiwan Is Now The Corniest, Lamest Bit On The Internet

Shocking news here that Dwight Howard is doing something corny and lame, but we've reached a breaking point. When Dwight first did it, it was at least entertaining. You can get away with it once because it's like oh yeah, good joke. Now? Come on. This fake call to LeBron, hitting all the cliche Internet talking points is just lame. He's tried doing it to like 10 guys now, you gotta know when to stop a bit. It's the number one rule in content. Stop beating everything in the ground and just let it be funny once and then figure out a new thing. You already know he's going to do it with like Marcus Smart, Al Horford and Joe Mazzulla. 100% chance he says Mazzulla can coach and play like his WVU days. 

And hey Dwight, if you want to recruit guys, I got the video for you: 

Playing with you isn't a selling point. If it was, you'd have a job in the NBA because someone who has some pull (ahem, LeBron) would keep you around. Instead you're over in Taiwan doing your thing and trying to convince people to join you. But man, just give it a rest. You're going to be in the Hall of Fame, you had an incredible peak, stop having everyone be annoyed by you because you're lame.