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WATCH: This One Jump Pass From 2024 Alabama QB Commit Julian Sayin Is Probably Enough To Say He's Better Than Anybody The Tide Has This Season

This is 2024 quarterback Julian Sayin, who is committed to the University of Alabama. I don't know why he's running around throwing what looks to be about 50-yard passes with no feet on the ground, but it's a good skill to have if you ever need it, I guess.

Maybe this translates into games and maybe it doesn't, but Sayin did himself no favors with this video if he doesn't want to be hailed as the signal-calling savior of Nick Saban's dynasty, because the Crimson Tide might have a rough go of it under center this season. Alabama felt bad enough about its options in Ty Simpson and Jalen Milroe following spring practice that it went and got former Notre Dame quarterback Tyler Buchner from the transfer portal last month. Not an ideal situation to be in if you're a Tide fan.

So if Sayin wants to step on campus in Tuscaloosa with massive expectations from fans of the best program in college football this century, then by all means, keep posting videos of every trick shot you've got in the book. I'd maybe tone it down after looking at the 2023 Bama quarterback room, though.

(Alabama is going 9-3, by the way.)