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Just Give The Nuggets The NBA Title If Their Fans Are Going To Keep Chugging Beer Out Of Shoes And Using a Vuvuzela

This is what I want to see from NBA fans. We need more reactions like it's a college bar during the NCAA Tournament. We need fans to start losing their minds and not just clapping and screaming. It's one of the reasons I want the Nuggets to win. They are a new team, they have Jokic and Murray, Malone is awesome, but they also have fans who aren't afraid to break out a vuvuzela. Still one of the weirdest things in sporting events history - the 2010 World Cup. 

Annoying? Absolutely. But having one random one is a nice touch. Bring it to the arena and use it against the Heat/Celtics (please be the Heat). You might actually be able to rattle Jimmy Butler with a vuvuzela. The brooms were a nice touch too. I wouldn't want to lug one around, but it makes a good visual.

Then there's the guy who decided to chug beer out of a shoe. I feel very confident in saying he does this on a regular basis. This isn't just a celebratory move, he probably does it just for the hell of it on a Tuesday for practice. This is what you need to see from fans though. You need people who are willing to do weird shit to help get their team juju up. Give the Nuggets the title now.