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A Woman Almost Died Trying To Catch Her Flight Because She's Allergic To Running

This is the dream right here. Not dying obviously, but being allergic to running would have solved all of my problems growing up. Any gym class, any baseball practice, anytime someone told me to work out, I can dunk on your face and say I will legit die if I comply with your demands. This was probably the worst feeling in the world though because nothing is worse than being late to your flight and running to catch it. Knowing after doing so that you're going to have a reaction like this makes it 10x worse. 

You have to think there's something else wrong here and she's not just allergic to running, right? It's a good idea though to get out of things that's you don't want to do. It would be fun to tell people you know I am allergic to to the material on credit cards so I can't pay for anything when we go out unless you want me to die. It's kind of crazy that people are actually allergic to things and just have no idea until they try that thing and almost die. 

There is nothing worse than having to tell the waiter you have a food allergy because then you have to speak up knowing the whole table is judging you. You're now limiting the tables options on the menu and all the good stuff has peanuts or whatever you are allergic to. All in all this girl never has to run in her life and that's nice because running is one of the worst activites in this world.