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Attitude Reflects Leadership: Dallas Fans Act Like A Bunch Of Dumbasses, Throw Trash On Ice After Jamie Benn's Clown Show

Is Dallas a terrible sports town? You bet your sweet ass it is. It takes a real low-life sack of shit to bring yourself to root for the Dallas Cowboys. We're talking about the total scum of the Earth individuals. 

But what we saw on display last night at American Airlines Center was truly pathetic even for Dallas standards. From start to finish, the Dallas Stars and their fans were completely outclassed by the Golden Knights. Clearly it all starts with the captain losing his goddamn mind and getting tossed from the game just a minute and 53-seconds into it. 

The moment your captain pulls that dumbass stunt? The guy who is supposed to be your leader? Then all bets are off. Jamie Benn set the standard for everybody in Dallas last night, and that standard was "be the biggest dumbass you can possibly be". Clearly Max Domi got the memo. 

Jamie Benn, dumbass. Max Domi, dumbass. Dallas Stars fans throwing trash at Adin Hill before the start of the 3rd period, dumbasses. 


Again, just a pathetic performance from everybody involved. The players, the coaches, the fans. I'll give credit to the ice crew for cleaning up the mess. They were the only ones who did their job in Dallas last night. Everybody else should just pack it in for the summer and call it a season. What a bunch of losers.