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A MASSIVE Brawl Broke Out At The O'Hare Baggage Claim Area

Low key, the best part of this video was the tweet itself. Poor @Peyton24979151 was just trying to go viral, but his wet blanket mom who was tired after vacation and wanted to get a headstart on the long drive back to Batavia. Good job, though kid. Appreciate you being the moment. You can't explain this to moms. It would've happened to all of us. Happened to this guy in the other shot with his wife and he had a front row seat

Honestly, I am surprised we don't get more fight videos at baggage claim. Baggage claim fucking sucks. Arguably the worst part of flying. It's the final boss of standing and waiting. Flying is nothing but waiting. Waiting for your transportation to the airport, waiting in line at security, waiting at the gate, waiting on the tarmac, waiting to get off the plane. After all that waiting, when you're finally done and you can practically smell your home or your hotel you have to wait some more as this conveyor belt slowly goes round and round and you hope for your bag to pop out. A bag that the airline probably charged you $50 just so you could wait for it. It's infuriating. I can see why people would snap in that situation. 

On a more serious note…jail for this guy in all white

He was throwing absolute HAYMAKERS at women. Third man in. Absolutely disgusting. Whatever is going on with the hair pulling and smacking on the ground…whatever. Pull them apart. Let the dust settle. You can't ever get involved and this guy got involved in the female scrap twice to the point that it was genuinely scary. He won't get in trouble because of course he won't, but that is unacceptable.