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Two Female Comedians Went On Joe Rogan And Told The Creepiest Story About A Town Owned By The Rothschild Family In California


Look, I don't know anything about anything, but if this stuff doesn't make you question what the fuck is going on in the world then I don't know what to tell you. This is creepy as fuck. Rothschild Family and their circle do whatever the fuck they want and they run the world. All the shit we see, argue about, wars we fight, etc is all just them moving chess pieces around the world for their own entertainment as they control all the money and governments. I guarantee you that if these women signed that contract and said the mantra then they would've been transported into another realm. Or just become trafficked. 50/50. 

The "center of the world" thing is also super creepy because it sits on the convergence of all of these "ley lines". Ley Lines are usually one of those things weird people who hate God, but pray to crystals talk about and I think they're voodoo bullshit. However, when the Rothschild Family buys an 8 mile wide town, builds a pyramid on it, and offers you the ability to make a wish as your foot is on that plaque...makes me start to believe that they know something that I don't. Either way...very creepy.