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The Texas Speaker of the House Was Drunk AF While Passing Some Bills

Far be it from me to talk about someone slurring the old words when they are drunk but my goodness what a show the Speaker (possibly former Speaker by the time you're reading this). If the bills weren't so important, this would be hilarious. In fact, almost any other time holding the gavel while getting all sloshed up would be a good time but sometimes you gotta go in at least below the legal limit if you pass state-changing legislation. 

Folks all across Texas are calling for this guy to resign now. GOP and Dems both are like WTF? That's when you know you went absolutely off the deep in. If you can get Democrats and Republicans to agree here, you are fucked and there's no two ways about it. 

That being said if he is removed from leadership and the state house, he should throw a MASSIVE party on 6th Street and twerk his fucking brains out. Im talking cheeks a flappin in the wind like a garrison flag. Just tossin his buttcheeks open and close at a rapid pace and once he's done, he can cool off and quench his thirst with a Pirate Water.