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Some Maniac Crashed His Car Into His House Then Chopped His Roommate's Door Down With A Pickaxe

ABC- Residents of one Southern California neighborhood are glad that no one was seriously hurt after a temporary resident in one of the homes there crashed his car into a house, and then got out of the car and began chasing people with a pickaxe. Video from a Lake Forest neighbor's street camera showed the suspect's car zoom down the road before it slammed into the home. The video also captured the sound of the collision.

At some point, the man grabbed a pickaxe from the backyard, and not only chased around one of his roommates, but also hacked at another roommate's door for several minutes with the man screaming for help from inside. The crazed man was able to break open the door, but somehow the roommate was able to subdue the axe wielding man.

Yup I'm just gonna call it here. This guy is the worst roommate ever. OK that's not true considering there have been roommates that have actually seriously hurt their roommates or worse. Actually you can make a case that this guy isn't even the worst roommate blogged today considering Jordie wrote about this guy earlier.

At the very least you can make a case that shooting someone over eating your last Hot Pocket is an acceptable response. To be clear, it is not an acceptable response if it is just a Hot Pocket. But eating your roommate's last Hot Pocket may be worthy of a shot. Regardless, being woken up from your nap to your roommate crashing into your house then chopping your door down like he needs wood in Fortnite is horrifying. Doubly so if he yelled "Heeeere's Johnny" afterwards since that would Fortnite AND The Shining for the roommate. The Hot Pockets roommate learned a valuable lesson. But the pickaxe roommate just got a lot of nightmare and therapy fuel.