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We Have Clear and Convincing Video Taken by US Marines of a 'Giant' Triangular UFO Over the Mojave in 2021

This video comes courtesy of America's two leading Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon researchers and reporters and hosts of the Weaponized podcast:

Investigative journalists Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp obtained and are revealing for the first time, exclusive footage of a UFO hovering over an active United States military base. This event is considered a “mass UFO sighting” - with significant and diverse documentation in the form of videos, photos and recorded direct eyewitness testimony by active military personnel. The audio/visual content presented here was collected within hours after the UAP encounter.

And here are the details:

Source - A giant 'black triangular shape' UFO hovering over a California military base was caught on six videos and witnessed by 50 US Marines in 2021.

One stunning picture shot by an officer at Camp Wilson in Twentynine Palms on April 20, 2021 shows the apparently triangular object with lights on its edges, above the desert mountains – where it hovered for 10 minutes according to witnesses.

Videos show the lights of what some of the Marines believe was a craft, hanging in the dark sky, shot between 8.24pm and 8.30pm.

At 8.29pm one video recorded troops shooting a flare into the sky in an attempt to illuminate the object, which had five red lights.

However, before they could fully illuminate the 'black triangle', it vanished without a trace.

Soon after the encounter, Marines said dozens of trucks and multiple helicopters rushed to that area of the base, with choppers flying overhead until around 11.30pm that night.

Witnesses' estimates of the unidentified object's size ranged from the size of a stealth bomber, which has a wingspan of 172 feet, to approximately half the length of a football field. …

A mortarman serving at Camp Wilson during the 2021 incident spoke with Corbell, and took a high-exposure photo on his smartphone which revealed the outline of an object.

The object appears to be triangular, surrounded by lights spaced evenly around its edge in a v-formation.

The mortarman, who is keeping anonymous, described how one of his companions witnessed the object materialize from nowhere.

'One of my buddies was outside. He was looking at the sky and said that it just kind of appeared out of nowhere. And we all came out and looked and then slowly like 50-plus people started coming out and looking. Those lights appeared out of nowhere.'

He added that despite their military experience, none of the Marines could recognize the craft, and described their reaction as 'baffled…. 

'With the picture I took with the black triangular shape underneath the lights, it's definitely not any type of flare thing or illumination rounds.'

I'm glad this anonymous mortarman specified this was a solid object with lights on it, not flares or illumination rounds. First because a lot of the comments under these Tweets just reflexively chalked these images up to those or drones. And flares are exactly the lazy explanation the government used to dismiss thousands of eyewitness accounts of the famous Phoenix Lights in the late '90s:

Including the eyes belonging to the governor of Arizona at the time, who first made excruciatingly awkward jokes about the incident, before later admitting he saw the lights too. 

Anyway, if we're ever going to get the truth about the UFO phenomenon, this is how it's going to come out. Not with some oily politician who's afraid his opponent will use his testimony against him and cost him an election. But by people we can actually trust. 

I admit I'm not impartial here. But if you know any Marine who's been stationed at Twenty Nine Palms, they'll tell you what a hellhole it is. An arid, sweltering, barren landscape they call Twenty Nine Stumps. With nothing to do for entertainment apart from training on how to shoot things and blow them up. In other words, the kind of place where 50 reliable sources would be looking up at the sky and spotting a triangle a half a football field wide, silently hovering over the mountains for 10 minutes. And who can confirm trucks and choppers were scrambled to go check it out before it zoomed out of sight. 

Though if you're the type to immediately call shenanigans on this and say they're just making it up, you need to explain something. How do a bunch of active duty military guys fake these images exactly? Stuck on a base. In the ass end of the continental US. With no devices to record what they saw other than the phones in their pockets? What, are they Industrial Light & Magic, with the capacity to create convincing CGI effects in their non-existent spare time? 

This is a pure Occam's Razor scenario. The simplest solution is the most likely. And that is these Marines seeing what has been seen before above that part of the world. Many times over. My many first hand experiencers. Who were seeking neither publicity or money. Just telling us what they saw. And finally our technology is catching up to the point images are confirming what eyewitnesses have been telling us down through the ages. 

So thanks, Marines. Hopefully whoever is piloting these craft meet you first so they'll see the best the human race has to offer. Stay vigilant.