Good Juju Move: West Ham Gave Knollsy Tickets To The Europa Conference League Final After He Fought Off A Mob Of Hooligans

Hell yeah Knollsy! This is the move for West Ham, a no-brainer. You may remember this video: 


That was after West Ham defeated Az Alkmaar and their hooligans decided to try to attack West Ham's family and friends section. Not so fast. Not when Knollsy and the other dude decided to take actions into their own hands and throw a bunch of punches to protect everyone. Still an outrageous video to watch and proves that high ground is the key here. You stay up top and start punching down. 

What a run for Knollsy though. He gets in the fight, gets a ticket to the final and a whole song and standing ovation at the last West Ham game for him: 

All I know is the guy in the green shirt needs some respect too. Get him a ticket and make his name be something cool like Knollsy. He was out there fighting too.