Kate Moss's Sister Joined Only Fans Because It's Less Creepy Than Traditional Modeling

Gareth Cattermole. Getty Images.

Lottie Moss joined OnlyFans because she finds it “more comfortable” than traditional modeling. The 25-year-old star is the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, 49. While she had begun a career on the catwalk herself, she has relocated to LA and has an adult-only subscription platform where she takes X-rated pictures of herself with the help of her friends. 

The modelling world is creepy, 30-year-old men taking ­pictures of 16-year-olds. OnlyFans is my friends taking pics of me and I feel comfortable.” 

Im not sure any of you perverts are even gonna read what I write about here. You're probably too horned up because someone is trying to make a career for themselves. It's honestly sad. Sometimes people will write blogs about OnlyFans stuff simply because they are trying to get clicks. Any click will do right? Not me. I have higher standards than that. 

I'm writing this blog because I am DISGUSTED by how ole Lottie was treated by the establishment in the modeling industry. Now, I know what you are thinking. 

"Chaps, how would you know anything about modeling? You're a moon-faced ginger fuck with skinny legs and a grill that looks like it was left outside in the Louisiana humidity."

Well, that might be true but back in my day, I did a little modeling. 

You see, I worked at a store called Hollister. When I applied, I had long, curly locks of dirty blonde hair, piercing green eyes, and biceps that will literally make you cum. On my first day, the manager came up to me and said, "You'll be on door duty today. Just hold the cologne and ask people if they want a spray or two but no more than two! It's expensive! Oh. And take your shirt off too."

So there I was, standing shirtless in a Dothan Alabama mall knowing that everyone wanted to fuck me. Do you know how difficult that is? People staring at Hollister and not because of the high-quality jeans or the fairly priced polos. Nope. It was because they all wanted to fuck me. Devastating. 

Anyway, I know what Lottie is going through. Sometimes you want to model and not have your tits out for the world to see but if you do wanna let the warlocks swing, that's your choice. You get to take pictures of them bad boys with yourself or your friends. It's all about options and if you have the option to take a pic or two of your titties for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, swing low sweet chariots… coming forth to carry me home, indeed. 

PS: I should start an onlyfans. If you thought my tits were good in 2003, wait until you see the evolution of my nipples. Simply incredible nipples. DO NOT PINCH!