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ESPN's Bill Connelly Should Go To Jail For Naming Baker Mayfield The Best College QB Of The 2000s

Folks, it is with great sadness that I must report I am once again mad online.

ESPN's Bill Connelly released his list of the top 75 college quarterbacks of the 21st century and while I often respect Bill C's work, I am triggered and disheartened by this list. I keep looking at it expecting to have been suffering some sort of hallucination to see Baker Mayfield at No. 1, but he's somehow still there every time I glance at it again.

You could make an argument for three or four guys to be in the top spot on this list, but Mayfield ain't one of them. Cam Newton won a national title damn near single handedly. Joe Burrow had the best single season of any college quarterback ever — and led possibly the best team in college football history. Vince Young and Tim Tebow could make a case for No. 1, as well.

Mayfield was obviously very good in college, but he's not better than any of those guys. Connelly says Mayfield doing it for three years makes a difference — and his stats over a three-year period are certainly impressive — but if you had one college football game to win tomorrow and you could pick any one of these guys to lead your team, you'd get a good bit down that list before you'd take Mayfield.

Mayfield was really good. He's not No. 1 this century.

Anyway, here's the Big T Top 10:

1. Cam Newton

2. Tim Tebow

3. Joe Burrow

4. Vince Young

5. Baker Mayfield

6. Lamar Jackson

7. Deshaun Watson

8. Trevor Lawrence

9. Johnny Manziel

10. Marcus Mariota