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We Officially Have A Bird Problem In Major League Baseball

This is getting out of hand. Officially out of hand. I just wrote about Zac Gallen hitting a bird in a pregame toss, which sparked the memories of Randy Johnson absolutely smoking a bird in Spring Training. 

Now we have Cleveland Guardians Will Brennan smoking a bird via a line drive. At what point here do we have a full on concern for birds at baseball games ? This is out of hand. We have to think about the safety of the animals at this point. If you look deeper into the history of birds and baseball, there's actually been an insane amount of accidents and close calls over the years. 


Someone has to step in here, and figure out how to keep the birds off the field, out of the orbit, or completely away from a 5 mile radius of all stadiums. We can't have any more birds getting clipped on the diamonds. Enough is enough !