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'Get Your Boy Off The Balcony' - Charlie Day Almost Cost Wrexham A Ton Of Money Because The Man Just Wanted To Drink Beer

I know why soccer has this rule, but I feel like owners box should be a little different, no? You're famous, you want to drink a beer, let him stay on the balcony. Now I know everyone here has all the money in the world so who cares about the fine, it's the story. Imagine if Charlie Day cost them a couple thousand bucks. You never let that down. You do that with your friends now over dumb shit. 

I do love the picture of Charlie just drinking his beer, without a care in the world though. The man wants to drink a beer, let him drink a beer. Again, I understand the rule, but rules can be dumb. Look at some of the dumb rules in sports, golf has a ton of them. Fumbling out of the end zone and losing possession is dumb. Some of the charge calls in basketball are dumb. 

I need to know more about the text though. This feels like the guy who calls in the golf rule and costs someone two strokes on a penalty they didn't even know about. Sure, they were helping Rob and Ryan out, but you can't be a snitch. See if someone actually busts Charlie Day for drinking a beer.