LeSelfAware: LeBron Seems To Know That Everyone Thinks He's a Pathological Liar

Andrew D. Bernstein. Getty Images.

Obviously the big takeaway from last night's postgame presser will be the cryptic quotes from LeBron hinting at retirement. Before we get into the main point of the blog there can't be anyone with a working brain who actually believes that's the last game LeBron James ever plays right? I feel like 1) he's being emotional after a letdown of a series like any aging athlete gets 2) he's trying his best to distract from the narrative he just got broomed. I saw some people throw out the idea of him sitting out a year so he can watch Bronny play at USC. While that's probably not happening either, it's sure as hell more likely than him hanging it up for good. 

Well anyways amidst all the retirement talk during his presser Bron was asked about Melo's retirement which happened earlier in the day. Within that answer he revealed that he's aware of the hilarious running theme that he lies about everything. 


This is honestly kinda disappointing. I don't want LeBron to be aware about this. I need this to continue his rampage until his days are over. These lies are incredible and I cannot get enough of them. 


But just when you think maybe he's turned a corner with the lies, we have people fact checking him being there in Denver to see Melo's first playoff game. 

Annnnnnnnd we're back! LeCap still lives even he tries to play it off like he knows the joke. Long live the King.