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Brady Tkachuk Chugged Out Of Brooks Koepka's PGA Championship Trophy To Celebrate His Brother's Panthers Going Up 3-0 On The Canes

Florida native Brooks Koepka put on an outstanding performance this past week to win his third PGA Championship and fifth major. Right now Brooksy is on the celebratory circuit, and as a Panthers hockey fan, he's on cloud nine. Or maybe Cloud 81. Square that shit. The vibes were through the FLA Live Arena roof on Monday eve.

...And you better believe Brady Tkachuk is living vicariously through his brother Matthew's stunning playoff run with the Ps. Poor Brady is trapped in Ottawa on a Senators club who hasn't sniffed the playoffs in six seasons amid a lengthy rebuild. I might be drowning my sorrows too if I were Brady Tkachuk at age 23, particularly if my sib was still out there killing it. Although the commentary in the following tweet/photo and prominence of smartwater in the frame is kind of contradictory.

Matthew (dope fucking name by the way) Tkachuk scored the winning goal in Games 1 and 2. Seems kinda made-up. Every single Conference Finals game before Canes-Panthers Game 3 went to overtime. For The Rat King to get two GWGs in a row? Seriously wtf? RIGGED.

BUT HEY! Brady and Brooks didn't have to sit through any extra hockey nonsense on this occasion. The celebration was on once the Panthers held on for a 1-0 victory over Carolina, thanks to the older Tkachuk and Sam Bennett setting up Sam Reinhart for the only score of the night:

Cause for many drinks all around indeed. And as if Florida hasn't gotten enough good fortune in athleticzzz of late, the eighth-seeded Miami Heat are one win away from the NBA Finals. Based on how awful the Celtics were in Game 3, sure seems like Miami will seal the deal on a sweep on Tuesday.

Seriously. The parallels between the Ps and Heat feel…scripted. Except you couldn't even write a script like this. Two lowest-playoff seeds in different sports in the same state about to make it to the grand finales? WUT.

Also: Great PMT episode featuring Brooks, who was taking some pulls of his own from the Wanamaker to celebrate his latest PGA title. Brooks said he's going to make it a thing to come on the show every week before a major. Pretty awesome to say the least.

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