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Sensible NFL Rule Change: Teams Can Designate A Roster Spot For Emergency 3rd QB So We Don't Have Another Brock Purdy Disaster


"NFL owners approved a rule Monday that allows teams to designate an emergency quarterback on game day, a rule they revived after the San Francisco 49ers ran out of quarterbacks during their loss in the NFC Championship Game last season to the Philadelphia Eagles.

"The rule applies only to quarterbacks who are on a team's 53-man roster. Practice squad players are not eligible to be emergency quarterbacks, not even if they are elevated for that week's game. But it allows a team to avoid counting the emergency quarterback as one of its active players on game day, a modest incentive for teams that otherwise would have chosen to go into a game with only two available quarterbacks."

Well there you have it. If your team suffers a terrible rash of injuries at the quarterback position, you won't have to go into the Wildcat or wishbone and struggle to draw up forward pass plays. Still a bummer that Brock Purdy got smoked in that NFC Championship Game. Can't help but wonder if the 49ers could've knocked off the Eagles had Purdy not gone down.

I guess at least there's this silver lining to it. Look, the NFL owners do whatever they damn well please and could've just let this one slide. Then again, they will always look at what's most profitable, and awful — or nonexistent! — quarterback play is bad for business. 

San Francisco's situation is certainly interesting going forward. Purdy is expected to be back for the start of the season. You just never know, though. Former third overall pick Trey Lance is waiting in the wings, as is the newly acquired Sam Darnold, who went in the same draft spot as Lance in 2017...and they're the clear backups to Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy as long as he can play. Deservedly so, too.

Ain't football funny?

You have to wonder what this new rule means for other similar situations around the NFL. For instance, a guy like Malik Willis in Tennessee, who was drafted in the third round in 2022 to hopefully succeed Ryan Tannehill someday, only to see the Titans select Will Levis on Day 2 of this year's draft. Maybe Willis' days in Nashville aren't numbered after all. 

Same goes for Brian Hoyer. That fucking guy is going to extend his NFL career by another year with ease thanks to his Josh McDaniels-Patriots connection in New England. Even if he loses the QB2 job to rookie Aidan O'Connell, Hoyer is the classic veteran guy you'd want as your designated/emergency third quarterback under this new rule. HOYER THE DESTROYER, BAY-BEEEEE.

Trying to think of who else is around and even relevant as a No. 3 QB. You know, I think if this were passed a few years or so ago, perhaps Colin Kaepernick might've had a shot at resuming his NFL career. Think that ship has sailed by now. Anyone else? Sound off with your favorite QB3s in the comments. SAM EHLINGER FOR THE COLTS!!

This could really get interesting for the Jets, right? The battle for backup duties behind Aaron Rodgers may not be a battle after all if Zach Wilson shows any sort of competence. Be careful, Zach Attack. You've got Tim Boyle and Chris Streveler breathing down your neck!! Only kind of kidding about this.

All told, this is a great rule change. More chances for quarterbacks to develop. More jobs at the most popular position in major American sports. Everyone wins. Almost makes up for the owners' call to approve Thursday Night Football game flexes. Almost.

At least cool fancy flowery legalese lingo can slightly overshadow the minimal fucks the league office and owners truly give about player safety. Or at the very least, how much they prioritize excess revenue over such trivial issues of their athletes' collective well-being.

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