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Joe Mazzulla Needs To Stop Watching The Town And Instead Fire Up Perhaps The Only Thing That Can Save The Celtics Season

New York Daily News Archive. Getty Images.

Joe Mazzulla is a big Boston movie guy. He made some headlines by admitting that he watches The Town four times a week, which is a little insane, but also perfectly Psycho Joe

Well, after dropping every game of the ECF, we can talk about Xs and Os adjustments, rotation changes, etc that will have to take place in order for the Celtics to make NBA history. Lord knows the odds are stacked against them.

Which is why I have one request for Joe. Stop watching The Town, and fire up the movie that fully describes and embraces the situation you now find yourself in.

Here, I'll even embed it for you so you can just click play and project it on your TV.

Will this make a difference? Common sense says absolutely not. But you know what? Down 0-3 what choice do we have? None of the basketball adjustments are working, the players are all playing like they lost all their ability to play basketball, watching The Town clearly isn't working, so what else can you do?

Don't even have a film session in terms of going over the game footage from Game 3. You aren't going to learn shit from that disaster last night. Just put this movie on and pray. That's all that's left to do, pray. Honestly, that might not even be enough but at this point how do we know it won't work?

Remember, during that run, this happened in Game 3

You see 19-8, I see 128-102. The Sox were left for dead after that beatdown happened, not too different from where the Celts now sit with their own situation. 

Things looked as bleak as they possibly could. And yet…

Something seems impossible until ya know…it happens. 

In case it wasn't wildly obvious, this is what happens when you're down bad, and boy am I and the Celtics down bad. Is there a part of me that believes doing nothing but watching this Red Sox movie can change things? Maybe 3%. 97% of me is mostly mad, but that 3% exists.

What I do know is The Town isn't working so everything has to now be on the table. 

Seriously though, shame on everyone involved that they are in this position. What a disaster.