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Chief Takes His Shoes Off On Planes

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So this social clip just came out promoting today's show: 

Feet are disgusting. I don't like smelling them and I don't like looking at them. Feet people shan't be trusted. That's just a fact of life. 

Let's start with this pic: 

Abhorrent, grotesque behavior. If there's any hope for the world as a whole, let alone America, everyone reading this will be in complete agreement with me. 

Let's now move to another fact that Chief wanted to pass on drafting a shoe altogether. He "wanted to go barefoot" for this draft, which are his words, not mine. That's raccoon behavior if I've ever seen it - and I've seen plenty of raccoon behavior executed by the dipshits I have worked with for years now. 

Let's now conclude that in this same video, a video where Chief said he emphatically does NOT take his shoes off on flights… he then goes and says he takes his shoes off on flights. Only cross country or international flights, though. And he ALWAYS has brand new socks on.

Yeah, I ain't buying that bullshit. Keep your damn shoes on in public you neanderthals! Some people like me want to vomit at the sight of your gross ass feet: 

The moment those hairy neanderthal feet touch a new sock, said sock is instantly tainted for all eternity, and this isn't just segregated to Chief. It goes for everyone. Once again, leave your shoes on, people. We live in a society and that society ceases to exist the moment those feet rear their hairy heads. 

PS - the Mean Girls have dog shit fashion senses. Never in a million years would you catch me wearing sweat pants, a chain, a blazer, and a hat in a public setting. That's for complete perverts 

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