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Seth Towns, Who Has Been Enrolled In College Since 2016, Has Committed To Howard For His 8th Year Of College Basketball

This is a guy here who is doing it right. He is staying in college for as long as humanly possible. I'm guessing most people are giving up crap for it, but they're wrong. 

If teams are still taking you and their are NIL opportunities available you should play as long as you can. If I was him I would lean into it and get a sponsorship from like AARP or some shit. Do a life alert commercial and ball out because it will be better than getting a real job. By the way, the man has a degree from Harvard, he's going to be just fine after his career is over. 

Eight years is laugh out loud funny though. At what point does it cross his mind that this is ridiculous? I mean look at his basketball reference page. 


 I would just get tired of getting injured, but can someone who's like 40 comeback and play if he has one more year of eligibility? Actually JR Smith did that and played golf in college after his NBA career. People should do this way more often.