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Sydney Sweeney Is Seen Wearing Her Engagement Ring For The First Time In MONTHS


After months of speculation surrounding the status her engagement, Sydney Sweeney was wearing some telling bling on Sunday.

The White Lotus actress, 25, was spotted rocking her engagement ring as she emerged from the Hotel Martinez on the arm of her fiance Jonathan Davino, 37.

Sydney is rarely seen wearing her engagement ring. The latest sighting appears to be the first time in seven months Sydney has been photographed wearing the jewelry.  

Giphy Images.

This poor guy. Imagine being a seemingly average Joe and dating one of the hottest - both in terms of physical attractiveness and "star power" - women on the planet and having every single form of media OBSESSING over whether or not you're getting cucked by this Glen Powell cat because your girl is iffy on when to wear/not wear her engagement ring. 

Normally, you'd say "fuck this, ain't dealing with it" to yourself and move on. This ain't "normally" though. This is Sydney freaking Sweeney we're talking about. You have no choice but to just suck it up and live with it, whether the rumors are true or not. Just pray to god you're not on the chopping block.

I'm gonna assume they're true though and that she IS on the market, in spite of her engagement ring rearing its ugly head in pics again and in spite of this Glen Powell dude popping in/out of the picture. Yes, Sydney Sweeney is looking for love. Awesome! I know the right place to find it.

Right now, I, WSD, your trusty Chisox blogger, have an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. The angel on the shoulder is saying, "yo this poor guy. Works a regular 9-5, prolly enjoys throwing back a couple two tree Miller Lites over a totally-not-embellished HS football story with the fellas and every time he comes home, kicks off his shoes and fires up the internet the ENTIRE internet is talking about how you got cucked by WSD? HORRIFYING" 

That ain't a life I'd want to live. Nor would you. 

Then the devil speaks up: "Ha! fuck this Davino cuck and this Powell cat. Oh, Sydney's iffy on wearing her engagement ring? What, she's just NOT THAT INTO YOU anymore? GOOD!!! 

And then the devil convinces totally-single-me to fire up IG and suavely slide into her DMs. Ya know, show her what a REAL man is made of: 

I'll follow up with you guys when she responds and we commence a long, beautiful relationship. Hope she doesn't have good taste because her ass is getting a CZ. Only got a few grand in liquid assets. Don't tell her I said that though. Until then I'll just go ahead and watch The Voyeurs on repeat. 

IYKYK. Anyway, here's Sydney: