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Double Amputee From The War in Afghanistan Summits Everest Like An Absolute Badass

NARENDRA SHRESTHA. Shutterstock Images.


A Gurkha soldier veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan has achieved mountaineering history after reaching the top of Mount Everest. 

While waiting 18 days at the Everest base camp for the weather to clear, the veteran and his crew faced freezing conditions and saw two dead bodies being dragged down. 

He continued: “It was a pretty hard time and at one point I was just drinking too much, to just control my pain and emotions and all the things, and I tried to kill myself a couple of times.”

He added that he first thought about climbing Everest when he was walking to school barefoot and planned to do so in 2018. However, double amputees and blind people were banned in an attempt to reduce the number of climbers dying on the peak.

The toughness of people is outrageous. Can you imagine? Climbing Everest might be the most difficult task there is on this planet. I can't think of anything thats even remotely close. There are endurance races that folks like David Goggins runs all the time. 

But even those 100 mile, 200 mile, and 300 mile races do not compare to what this dude accomplished. Its simply remarkable. 

Everest is high. Very high and there's a shit ton of ways you can get fucked. Altitude sickness at those heights can be painful and disorientating. The altitude, low oxygen levels, and rapid ascent increase the risk of altitude sickness, making it even more insane that this was accomplished. But that's not all, obviously. 

Everest is prone to avalanches, which can be triggered by natural causes or even climbers' movements. These massive slides can be unpredictable and deadly, burying climbers under tons of snow and ice which is basically a death sentence.  Climbing Everest also requires a boatload of physical endurance. The insanely long exposure to extreme conditions, high altitudes, and the need to carry heavy gear can lead to severe exhaustion like people have never experienced before causing decision-making struggles and increasing the risk of death. 

Climbing Everest also takes a toll on climbers both physically and mentally and it's hard to say which is worse. Stress, isolation, and wildly cold conditions can make mental health issues worse and lead to new ones. 

BUT, when you summit, you are a badass for the rest of your natural life. 

This guy doing it as an amputee might be one of the most impressive things Ive ever heard about. Truly remarkable. 

Here he is talking about it and casually mentioning his last climb lasted 25 fuckin hours. WHEW