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I Obliterated My Foot Into A Million Pieces And The Next Year Of My Life Is More Or Less Gonna Suck


Lemme tell ya, I have now seen blink 182 twice this tour and both times they blew my socks off. Truly an incredible concert- it was well worth them breaking up and doing other things so they could get back together and put on one hell of a show.

Unfortunately though after show number 2 this last Friday at MSG, I obliterated my foot into a million pieces. I'll tell the quick story and what happens now:

After the show at MSG, a few of us walked back to the office to keep the fun going before getting into an Uber to a bar in the West Village. We got an XL, which is important to the story. Now lemme tell ya, I've been alive for nearly 35 years. I've gotten in and out of cars at an extremely successful rate over the last 35 years. I'd venture to say I'm batting .998 or so. I'm sure as a child I had some struggles with getting out of cars, but if I've hopped out of 10,000 vehicles, I'd guess I've done 9,998 with ease. Drunk, sober, on shrooms, you name it, I've perfected exiting a car. But for some reason on Friday I swung and missed.


Actually, no. I didn't swing and miss. There's no true reason my foot exploded upon hopping out of the Uber. I noted at it's an XL because it had that little step thing, so you had to do a little hop thingy out of the SUV. And for some reason when I did that, all the bones in my foot broke. Not all of them, but as far as we know right now, 5 of them. One major fracture and 4 additional bone breaks, with additional ligament tears that I will know more about after I get an MRI this week.

A commonly known term for my break is Lisfranc fracture. Athletes sometimes get it. Travis Etienne missed his full rookie season with it. Chet Holmgren missed his entire rookie season with it. Big Ben wore a walking boot for seemingly 5 years straight because of it. Simply put- it's the worst fucking foot injury you can get. Basically your entire foot explodes on impact like a grenade went off inside of it. 



The recovery would make you think I just got back from war. I thought a broken foot would be as easy as "just tape it up and crutch around for a couple weeks". Boy was I (and everyone on Twitter) very wrong. This is a 9-12 month recovery and some people never fully recover even with physical therapy. Right now the current diagnosis is I can't walk at all for 2-3 months, and will possibly/likely need surgery, and then 6+ months in a walking boot. 

To be very honest, it's fucking devastating dude. My entire next year of my life is now on pause because I landed wrong stepping out of an Uber. This is what I do now:



The worst part is I was supposed to be in Vegas this summer, living my life-long dream of playing the full schedule of the WSOP. My flight was booked for May 30th. Air BNB paid for. 17 events on my schedule. Now it's looking like none of it will happen at all.


A lot of people don't seem to grasp why a broken foot means I can't play poker. And I get that, because when you think about it, you would think sitting down would be perfect for a broken foot. Turns out it's very, very not good. I have this big ass bulky cast on right now and the foot has to stay elevated to keep the swelling down and promote healing. Sitting down at a table for 12 hours would be terrible for it. Plus not to mention flying on a plane right now is impossible. It's about as unlucky as it gets. I wish it was as easy as "sucking it up" or whatever, but 1) gotta listen to the doctors, and 2) if you've never been to the WSOP, it's hard to explain how fucking miserable the entire thing would be. 

I'm trying to remain optimistic that after surgery maybe I can get out to the Main on July 2nd, but it's not looking great. I'll know more after the MRI, so I guess I'll try to remain hopeful for now.

What's brutal is it's my fucking foot. Like who the fuck breaks their foot? So stupid. Couldn't it be something cooler? And now I'm just out commission. And what makes it worse is there are zero optimistic articles on the internet about the injury. Everything I read makes me want to kms more. 

I'm pretty down in the dumps you could say. I definitely am feeling sorry for myself and all that, which I think is fair. I hate the idea you have to "stay optimistic!" and "positive vibes only!" 3 days after an injury. No, fuck that. It's normal to be angry, to be pissed, to be upset. Yes, it's not cancer or anything, but I hate that way of thinking too. Just because it's not the worst thing in the world means you can't be angry about it? When did we start gatekeeping what people are allowed to be angry about? You, the reader, are allowed to be pissed when life circumstances don't go your way and you shouldn't feel bad about it either. No I'm not dying or anything, but I'm super frustrated that a freak injury just put all my life plans on hold, and I think that's a reasonable way to feel.

So yeah, that's my life update. If anyone that has had this injury/surgery and has advice, get at me. I'm down bad right now thinking about how much the next year is going to suck but maybe I'm overreacting and it won't be as doom and gloom as I'm imagining. I guess we'll see. As they say, I guess this is growing up.


PS: Thanks to everyone who has been super nice while I wallow in self-pity, especially Dr. Dan and Hubbs who got me to the hospital, the real MVPs.


PS: I'm thinking my move is to get grotesquely obese. Eat 10,000 calories a day and never move off the couch. Around here, we call that "job security".