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Goodell Acknowledges the NFL Script

The truth is just being left out in the open I mean, after Arian Foster just admitted earlier this year the NFL is scripted, everyone knew it was basically WWE. 

The rest of the internet ran with it with some pretty hilarious responses that you can find in the original blog. 

What is interesting, though is that the NFL is classified as "Sports entertainment" and Uberfacts confirmed this. 

I think this has something to do with The Sports Broadcasting Law of 1961, signed by JFK, maybe at gunpoint by the mob. 

But the NFL has an anti-trust exemption, signed by John F. Kennedy. This is another mode of protection some have argued the NFL has, that allows for the fixing of games. Brooklyn Congressman Cellar penned the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 after the lobbying efforts of then commissioner Pete Rozelle. This bill allows sports leagues to sign broadcast contracts as a collective, making an exception to anti-trust law. Also included in the bill was a protection for college and high school football. If you have ever wondered why the NFL does not just have games on Fridays and Saturdays, it is because this provision is not active all year round. From the second Friday of September until the second Saturday of December a professional football league is not covered by the Sports Broadcasting Act if they were to broadcast after 6 PM on Fridays or any time on a Saturday. The Sports Broadcasting Act has had a strong influence on the current NFL schedule and on the ability for the NFL to generate revenue. The Act, however, does not extend an anti-trust exemption beyond the purpose of acquiring broadcasting rights for the league. Section four explicitly states that the bill does not change the applicability of federal anti-trust law. So, the NFL would not be able to use their anti-trust exemption to free them of liability if they were to fix games.

So who knows if there really is a script. I just don’t understand why the refs are so mysterious. Why aren't they full-time?

The whole script phenomenon is pretty cool how a fun little piece of improv between PFT and Arian just changed the cultural Zeitgeist. Cool stuff.