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You Have To Respect Australian Model Steph Claire Smith For Ghosting Leonardo DiCaprio

You hear a lot about all the 25 and under women that Leo has gone through in his life. Who you don't hear about is those who ghosted him and lived to tell the tale. Meet the lovely Stephanie Miller/Steph Claire Smith. I straight up don't know what name she actually goes by and it's hurting my brain. 

First things first, the Australian accent is a legitimate spell. I mean did you listen to that clip? I was swept off my feet and taken away to a better place. The other day I called my dentist to setup an appointment and an Australian receptionist picked up the phone. I thought about making appointments for the next 10 years just so I could stay on the phone longer. Of course I settled for one and hung up, but the thought was there.  

Now to Stephanie. Wait one second...

Okay now to the story. Being able to throw "ghosted Leonardo DiCaprio" on your resumé is special. It's almost better than actually going through with the whole ordeal. There's a chance (albeit small chance) that you caused him to rethink his whole game after that performance. You basically made God bleed. Gave him the same feeling Ron had here after being denied by Veronica Corningstone. 

Leo probably got so frustrated he went out the next night and slept with multiple sub 25 year old women. Really show everyone who's boss. 

Well, still to this day though, Stephanie Miller is the one who denied Leo. Legendary stuff. Shout out to her now husband Josh whose charm was able to keep her in the barn.