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The Viral Security Guard Working The Taylor Swift Concert At Nashville's Nissan Stadium Applied For The Job After He Couldn’t Get Tickets

I feel like this is just a smart move? You can't afford tickets, you can't get in the door for some reason - why not go the back way? What's a better back way than literally working the event? We've seen videos of the security guards at the Taylor Swift shows dancing and singing in the aisles, enjoying the show just as much as the patrons. Does this affect their ability to protect people? Who's to say, but it sure does make for a great video. 

Personally I don't know if this would be my method. There are way too many bitches in that stadium to keep track of, AND, this guy isn't even able to face Taylor! He has to face the people! Sure, it is a concert and all you really need are your ears, and getting paid to listen go Taylor Swift is definitely a positive. I think I'm just...too lazy? Is this my line? I'll do anything to get to a Taylor Swift show, except become a security guard.