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Jimmy Butler Isn't Just Embarrassing The Celtics, He's Straight Up Mocking Them Whenever He Can

I don't care what people think about Jimmy Butler anymore, this is fucking hilarious. He's the ultimate troll and shit talker. It's even funnier when you consider Marcus Smart apparently is saying this: 

Talk about two different feelings. How can any Celtic fan back Marcus Smart after hearing or seeing something like this? Oh, you may be beating us 2 times in 3 years, but we got you last year and still didn't win a title! Meanwhile Jimmy Butler is destroying them on the court, rubbing it in and just having a grand old time. There's no one having a better time in the NBA right now than Jimmy Butler. 

This is how you shit talk though. You dominate a team, you immediately make fun of them on the court and off. Just use social media to mock the Celtics. It's hilarious. Almost as hilarious as Grant Williams thinking it was smart to go head to head with Jimmy Butler.