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Everyone Who Hated The Orioles City Connects Jerseys Are Idiots Because We Just Got The Reveal Video And They're FIRE

First of all, I'm, shocked that people on the internet overreacted to something. That almost never happens. But lo and behold we got the reveal and much like the other city connects these are awesome. 

People shit on them because they said they were too plain, not enough attitude, didn't reflect the city. Blah blah blah blah. Once you see the video and you get the back story and you aren't starring at a picture of the jersey on the table, they look damn good. 

The reasoning it makes sense. I love the look, I think it's clean, I think it looks good, it looks sleek, it looks smooth, I love them. The all black with the white lettering looks....fine. But like the video says "you can't see what you're not looking at." The colors on the collar and sleeves are fire. Absolute fire. 

The explanation of everything is awesome, I think they did a really good job with them and they look awesome on the players themselves. Overall I'm happy with them, I know people were shitting on them early on and I get it. They wanted something exciting but this is maybe the best team in baseball. I don't give a FUCK what they wear, as long as they keep winning. Trot Adley out there in a one piece bathing suit, as long as they keep taking 2/3 I don't care. See what happens when you bitch and complain before the final product is out there? If you hated them before, you don't anymore. It's a fun look. Can't clip these wings baby.