Massachusetts Dad Says He Was "Forced" To Spend $21,000 On Taylor Swift Tickets After Ticketing Company Did Not Deliver Original Tickets

Look what you made him do, ticket sellers.

Massachusetts dad Anthony Silva was forced to spend $21,000 for his daughter and friends to see Taylor Swift’s sold-out concert because his original tickets never arrived, according to a report.

In November, Silva bought four tickets for Swift’s “The Era’s Tour” stop at Gillette Stadium on May 19 as a Christmas gift for his 19-year-old daughter Katlyn.

The entire set, purchased through StubHub cost Silva $1,800, but he was still empty-handed days before the show.

He opted to go through a different ticket site where he met the massive $21,000 price tag — 11 times the total amount he paid.

“This is just not right,” Silva told WCVB. “In my opinion, they should not wait until the day before for the tickets to be sent out by the re-seller.”

StubHub, the third-party ticket exchange and resale company, has a policy where tickets aren’t sent to the purchaser until after the day before the event and alternative tickets weren’t available.

I know the ticket situation sucks for this concert. Ticketmaster ruined the lives of legitimately everyone involved, and people are out here getting scammed left and right on tickets. The argument can be made that you really have "no choice" but to spend that much money on tickets for your kids in a situation like this. They girls have been excited for months. They had their outfits picked out, probably spent time making bracelets and memorizing the track list. It's definitely a "good dad move" to shell out 21 grand at the last second to make sure these girls lives and reputations at school aren't ruined. 

At the same time...if this happened in my house, it would be a "sorry, we got scammed." My parents would NEVER spend this much money on me and my friends to go to a concert. I know that, because I've never been to a Taylor Swift concert for this exact reason. It's hard to justify even a 500 dollar ticket. TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS? These people must be dumb rich. I'm sure there are a handful of parents who would lay it all on the line like this, but make no mistake, it's insane to assume anyone would spend this kind of money on a concert. I don't know how much money I would've spent on a single ticket for this concert at this point, but I had capped myself at 5,000. As a grown adult, who wants nothing more, and had anticipated paying a stupid amount of money for this. 20 grand unexpectedly is outrageous.